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November 30 / Uncategorized

X Congress of Moulds Industry 2019

X Congress of Moulds Industry – Moulds e plastics Magazine 2020

The Congress of Moulds Industry which took place between the 22nd and 23rd of November 2019, was about the present and future of a sector which is united and determined to face the main challenges. 

“The capacity for collaboration, cooperation and the creation of a critical mass will be the structuring elements, both to differentiate ourselves and to place us one step ahead of our international competitors”. These words from the President of Cefamol, João Faustino, were one of the conclusions at the end of the ceremony, together with the statement that there are new challenges that require new solutions, such as rapid technological development and the assimilation of new processes, which will have a huge weight in business investment. 

The focus on integrating processes and technologies to achieve competitiveness is a key factor in an organization’s strategy. 

Valdemar Duarte, CEO of DRT Group, took part on the “Digitalization Challenges” panel. This panel reflected on the current technological development in which companies are positioned and on the prospects for the future in this field. 

Valdemar Duarte also presented the DRT case, in which technology has been adopted according to real needs and how, in this way, the company has managed to evolve and the work that DRT has been doing on new systems improves the production process and gives lifetime to company employees, associating Artificial Intelligence to the machine algorithms. 

In the Molde 124 magazine, it is possible to find the opinions and the various topics addressed by entrepreneurs in the mold industry. The various speakers defended that “it is imperative to continue to invest in the integration of processes, in new technologies, in strengthening knowledge and, at the same time, in consolidating the international image, the positioning of the sector’s excellence and notoriety”.

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Laying of the first stone

DRT GROUP continues to grow and is now about to expand its “home”. On March 1st, DRT family met for the celebration of another important and special date for the future of the group. The first stone was laid and marked the beginning of a new stage – a new building, even though still in the project phase, that will increase the company’s existing facilities and thus support its growth.
February 20 / Uncategorized

Students from IEFP/IPL visit DRT

On Monday the 18th February, DRT welcomed a group from IEFP/IPL as part of the Introduction to Digital Direct Manufacturing course. The visit was led by the Project Leader Eduardo Ribeiro and the visitors had the opportunity to visit all the departments of the company, starting on the Commercial and Quoting Department, Project Management, Engineering and Development and Production.

DRT would like to thank the students for this visit and wishes all of them lots of success!

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DRT at the 5th edition of “Leiria-In”

On the past July 13th 2018, DRT welcomed two groups of students regarding the 5th edition of “Academia da Indústria, Leiria-In”.
The visit at DRT was hosted by the project manager Eduardo Ribeiro, which went through a complete process, starting at the communication with the customer, design, engineering, metrology, finishing in the production.
Among with the remaining 20 companies visited, DRT fostered a direct contact between high school students, industry and technology.
March 31 / Uncategorized

DRT supports Vocational Orientation

On March the 31st, DRT welcomed 72 students from the 9th grade of the school Colégio Conciliar de Maria Imaculada (CCMI) for a visit within the theme of vocational orientation.

February 24 / Uncategorized

DRT at Encontros 560

It was a great honor for DRT to be invited by the former Minister of Industry and Energy, Mr. Mira Amaral, to participate at Encontros 560 at the Ministry of Economy, an event that challenges companies to debate strategies for the industry.

October 14 / Uncategorized

AIP visits DRT

It was with a great satisfaction that DRT Moldes and its General Managers, Valdemar Duarte and Sónia Calado, received at the company’s facilities the Portuguese Industrial Association (AIP) on October the 13th.