COTEC Innovative Statute 2022

July 14, 2022

For the second year, DRT Rapid-Prototypes and Moldes, Lda, was distinguished for its standards of financial strength, innovation skills and economic performance.

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DRT renews its status as 2021 SME Leader

April 20, 2022

Renewed statute DRT PME Líder 2021. An IAPMEI distinction, to distinguish and give prominence to companies with the best performance and management indicators.

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Inclusive Entity 2019/2020

January 17, 2022

DRT Group was distinguished with the seal and award of Inclusive entity 2019/2020.

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— Services —


By analysing the CAD file, image or model we prepare a properly detailed quotation for each mould, including the most relevant features, specifications, materials and other important aspects.


In a world where technology is in constant evolution, DRT, through its own R&D Department, aims to remain at the forefront of this sector. This department has been developing many projects in the field of integration of pioneering technologies, in order to optimise the entire tooling development and conception process.

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One of the outstanding examples is the innovative cooling system, fully developed by DRT in partnership with the University of Coimbra, which aims to reduce the production cycle time of the plastic parts in 28%.

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Filling analyses for injection moulds, bi-component, GID and variocooling moulds, which allow us to get results regarding the optimization of injection points and sequences, warpages, shrinkage and cooling.


Planning the most relevant tasks in each project, so that it is possible to systematically follow its progress.


From creation, design, engineering and production of the part, DRT combines the know-how obtained in the automotive industry and invests in niche markets, in a differentiated manner, with innovative products and design.

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DRT Group has a team of professional employees who are oriented to the complete vision of the mould concept, aiming to develop and simplify the part, in order to get a less complex mould in terms of concept, process, maintenance and costs.

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At DRT you will find all types of specialization, since the part design until moulds manufacturing. With the Turnkey service DRT guarantees the accomplishment of projects of higher volume with the same deadline, as well as the matching of all assembly parts.

DMLS · Laser Sintering

This technology consists of building layer by layer, making it possible to have a simultaneous production of several parts. One of the biggest advantages is the possibility of making cooling channels very close to the moulding area in parts with a difficult geometry. This method not only offers an optimised cooling of the part, but it also reduces the cycle time in an effective way and enhances the product quality.


As a way of completing the supply cycle of our moulds, DRT performs the dimensional validation of the samples by using CMM or optical equipment.

The critical dimensions are measured and the results are provided to our customers in a Measurement Report.

After Sales

With this After Sales Service, DRT guarantees the on-site follow up of the moulds, which is done by our technicians during the set up stage.


At DRT Group you can find all specialisations, from the design to the manufacturing of sets of complex moulds, monitored by specialists in various areas from the start of the project.


Realyze is a platform that provides CAE analyses for the market in a quick and flexible way, in order to innovate the way of communication and facilitate the decision making process during the production of injection moulds. On our platform you can find several packages that will allow you to simulate all possible scenarios and choose the best solution for your project.