DMLS Inserts

Conventional Cooling

Design – Case Study

Traditionally, cooling channels cannot be made along with the product geometry, so the cooling efficiency is limited.

Conformal Cooling

Design – Case Study

Conformal Cooling is an effective way to shorten cycle time and improve product quality. The precise temperature control on the tool means significant time saving and reduction of production costs.

Reduction up to 43%

Our equipment

EOS – M 290

Production Volume (mm) 250x250x320

  • Production of parts with steel EOS MS1 ( Equiv. Din 1.2709 hardened) and EOS Stainless CX (Equiv. Corrax / 420SS)

Job/Part quality report

  • In order to assure the quality, we monitor the progress of the production from the beginning of the process.
  • Online reporting of machine status, process observation via webcam, etc.
  • Process compliance Report.

Conformal cooling

Using DMLS technology

  • By using DMLS technology it is possible to produce complete conformal cooling circuits.
  • An adequate temperature transfer is the main goal of conformal cooling, allowing heating circuits to follow the geometry of the part.

CAE Analyses

Getting the best solution

The flow analysis allows the optimization of cooling channels by eliminating hot spots in areas that were inaccessible by the conventional system.

  •  It is possible to calculate the Reynolds number.

Laser Sintering

DMLS Inserts advantages

  • Improving cooling efficiency and part quality
  • Reducing cycle time and process costs
  • Process consistency
  • Improving product surface finish
  • Minimizing warpage and sink marks
  • Lower scrap rates