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November 15 / Uncategorized

Opening of new Group business unit

On November 18th, we’ll inaugurate a new business unit — NOVACOAT.

This is the most recent company in the group that combines technological innovation with a highly specialized service. It assumes itself as a differentiating solution in surface treatment and painting for the automotive industry and general industry. The company provides its customers a complete service, from conception to delivery of the final product.

“This investment represents an effort and a commitment by the group to diversify its activity, at a time when the impasse in the automotive industry, has negatively affected the molds and plastics sector. A situation that the COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated“.

NOVACOAT, which has already created 15 jobs, is located at the Autoeuropa Industrial Park, in Palmela, but it estimates that by 2022 it will create another 30.

Know more about it:

November 9 / Uncategorized

Web Summit participants visit DRT Group

Today, we are honored to receive several tech international companies on our building: Portalcompras, Nanox, Ecotrace, Trughhub, Getcommerce, Apex, GAVB, DHS, KHBS, Eats for you, SempreDesign e Implanta IT.

After participating at the Web Summit 2021 and at the invitation of Startup Leiria, these companies joined our team to see our space and share experiences.

August 13 / Uncategorized

Estatuto Inovadora COTEC 2021

A DRT Rapid-Protótipos e moldes,Lda foi distinguida pelos seus padrões de solidez financeira, competências de inovação e desempenho económico.
Resultado de uma parceria entre as Instituições do sector financeiro e a COTEC Portugal, o Estatuto INOVADORA COTEC tem como propósito distinguir as empresas de desempenho superior através do reconhecimento do exemplo, elevação da notoriedade e reforço do valor pelo mercado.
Foram atribuídos 566  „Estatuto INOVADORA COTEC“ de 1021 candidaturas recebidas, das quais 890 elegíveis.
November 25 / Uncategorized

DRT na 1º Edição do Fórum TECH-i9

Foi ontem inaugurada a primeira tech session do FORUM TECH-i9 de um conjunto de 3 webinares, organizados pela CEFAMOL. 

Valdemar Duarte, CEO do Grupo DRT, fez parte da plateia de oradores, que discutiram temas no âmbito dos “Sistemas de Controlo e Gestão de Dados”.

Valdemar Duarte, explicou que a dificuldade de implementar um sistema de recolha e tratamento de dados se prende, sobretudo, com a quantidade de informação recolhida quando, na prática, apenas 20% dela é útil à empresa. Sublinhou ainda que a DRT, desenvolveu o seu próprio software de gestão, o SBI, e que neste momento está a trabalhar em algoritmos que permitam melhorar a triagem dos dados. 

Acompanhe tudo o que foi discutido aqui:

September 29 / Uncategorized

DRT erneuert im Jahr 2020 ihren Status als KMU-Leader

Eine Auszeichnung für Unternehmen, das von IAPMEI in Partnerschaft mit Turismo de Portugal (Tourismus von Portugal) , Banken und Gegenseitige Garantie-Gesellschaften geschaffen wurde und die darauf abzielt, Unternehmen zu unterscheiden und Hervorzuheben, die die besten Leistungs- und Managementindikatoren aufweisen und die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit des Landes kennzeichnen.

Im Jahr der Herausforderungen und Anpassungen an eine neue Realität, bedeutet diese Auszeichnung für uns ein weiteres Jahr voller Erfolge und Motivationsstärkung.

Juli 9 / Uncategorized

Dr. Pedro Siza Vieira Visit the facilities of DRT Group

On July 8, 2020, we had the honor of receiving, at the facilities of DRT Group, the Minister of State, Economy and Digital Transition, Dr. Pedro Siza Vieira, together with his distinguished delegation.

At DRT, the Minister met with the administration to learn about the projects and the history of our group and on a visit to the facilities , which he made before his departure, Pedro Siza Vieira had the opportunity to contact with the responsible for the various departments and employees of the company.


Februar 3 / Uncategorized

“O Molde” interview

DRT promotes management of mould manufacturing with the incorporation of artificial intelligence

Valdemar Duarte, CEO of DRT Group, in an article for the magazine O Moldediscusses on how DRT boosted the management of mould making with the incorporation of artificial intelligence, more specifically with the help of SBI, a software that allows to increase effectiveness and efficiency in managers decision making. 

It is an innovative tool that manages the employees tasks and the equipment with which they are working in real time and also allows the process management since quotation stage until the delivery of the finished product. 

The SBI – System Business Intelligence was developed in the DRT Group and is available to the market, now also in mobile application. 

DRT Advance, one of the Group companies, develops and sells SBI, presenting a continuous development and improvement. 

“An intuitive and secure software, whose functionality and results are successfully proven” – Valdemar Duarte for the magazine. 

In addition to the advantages within the organisation, this software allows customers, through the mobile application, to follow the evolution in real time of the manufacture process of their moulds, through reports and images of the production progress, thus participating more closely and more actively throughout the process. 

It allows employees to monitor all production in the company, having a more active participation in meeting deadlines. 

“The SBI system for moulds production was developed in an R&D project within the scope of Portugal 2020, in cooperation with IPL, being co-financed by Compete 2020.” 

It is crucial to understand that this management software does not only apply to the moulds industry, but it is also suitable for any other industrial or service sectors. 

Complete news here.

November 30 / Uncategorized

X Congress of Moulds Industry 2019

X Congress of Moulds Industry – Moulds e plastics Magazine 2020

The Congress of Moulds Industry which took place between the 22nd and 23rd of November 2019, was about the present and future of a sector which is united and determined to face the main challenges. 

„The capacity for collaboration, cooperation and the creation of a critical mass will be the structuring elements, both to differentiate ourselves and to place us one step ahead of our international competitors“. These words from the President of Cefamol, João Faustino, were one of the conclusions at the end of the ceremony, together with the statement that there are new challenges that require new solutions, such as rapid technological development and the assimilation of new processes, which will have a huge weight in business investment. 

The focus on integrating processes and technologies to achieve competitiveness is a key factor in an organization’s strategy. 

Valdemar Duarte, CEO of DRT Group, took part on the “Digitalization Challenges” panel. This panel reflected on the current technological development in which companies are positioned and on the prospects for the future in this field. 

Valdemar Duarte also presented the DRT case, in which technology has been adopted according to real needs and how, in this way, the company has managed to evolve and the work that DRT has been doing on new systems improves the production process and gives lifetime to company employees, associating Artificial Intelligence to the machine algorithms. 

In the Molde 124 magazine, it is possible to find the opinions and the various topics addressed by entrepreneurs in the mold industry. The various speakers defended that “it is imperative to continue to invest in the integration of processes, in new technologies, in strengthening knowledge and, at the same time, in consolidating the international image, the positioning of the sector’s excellence and notoriety”.

November 6 / Uncategorized

In the ranking for the best in its sector

DRT occupies de 5th place on the top 20 of the biggest export companies from the trade sector in  the region and is in the top 10 of the best companies in the municipality of Leiria. 

The Leiria district has remained in the 6th position in the national export ranking for 3 years, having a positive balance in the business of its 3 main markets: manufacturing, commerce and construction.

The trade sector exports 383 million euros (16%) in 105 companies. This sector recorded an increase in exports of 24.1 million euros. The vast majority of companies are engaged in wholesale trade in various activities.

On a basis of 2000 organizations, the analysis was guided by 4 specific criteria. Geographic criteria (companies headquartered or domiciled in the district of Leiria and Ourém municipality), Statutory criteria (individual companies), Financial criteria (public data provided by companies through IES) and Dimension criteria (companies with the largest export volume in the exercise 2018.

Based on these criteria, in the ranking of the 500 largest exporting companies in the district of Leiria and Ourém municipality in 2018, DRT occupies 37th place.

Oktober 24 / Uncategorized

Open Shop Floor at DRT

In the past october, 16  took place in the DRT installations the Open Shop Floor, an event powered by COTEC Portugal and IAPMEI that integrate the government initiative “Industry 4.0”. These sessions aim to address the way companies adopt the different concepts of this norm and promote the sharing of experiences among the various entities present.

This event was attended by entities from north to south of Portugal linked to different sectors, from textiles, molds, higher education institutions, research and technological development companies, business associations, among others.

With the constant advance and innovation in new technologies, themes such as artificial intelligence are a reason for success for companies that bet on this dynamic. DRT believes that the key to success lies in the constant search for new processes that promote efficiency and effectiveness in the management and production of the company. It was with this in mind that DRT Rapid developed its latest advanced management software, SBI – System for Business Intelligence.

To the presents was introduced the way that these system is integrated in the management and production process inside DRT and how it benefits in all production phases.

In this way we thank COTEC Portugal, IAPMEI and all those who were present in this sharing experiences and knowledge.